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Our Staff

Each teacher at the Montessori School for Creative Learning possesses a passion for teaching the Montessori Philosophy the way that Maria Montessori intended.
Nancy Mehalic

Nancy comes from a long line of teachers and completed her teaching degree at Penn State University. She was first introduced to Montessori when she and her husband enrolled their son in 1982. Nancy began her Montessori career by volunteering as a parent assistant, and shortly after that completed her Montessori teacher training at the Center for Montessori Teacher Training in New York. Twenty-five years later, her passion and enthusiasm are still going strong. 


Starting the Montessori School for Creative Learning has been a dream of hers for some time. This is a very exciting opportunity for children to experience the beauty of a Montessori environment.

Ami Vashi

Ami, originally from India, has been in the US since 2001.  She began her journey in Montessori 16 years ago.  Alongside her Master's degree in Physics, she pursued her Early Childhood Montessori Diploma in 2005.  She has been working in the Montessori field ever since.  Her two daughters, now 18 and 14, also attended Montessori school in their early years.  She believes that a Montessori education provides a strong foundation for a child's educational journey.

Ami has had a very rewarding experience while teaching Montessori.  She is able to watch young children meet their developmental milestones and nurture their inquisitive minds while also fostering a deep love for learning.  In her free time, Ami enjoys gardening, cooking, reading and listening to music.

Wendy Balouch
Tracie Stofko

In addition to a strong educational background, Wendy has a great connection to Montessori. Wendy holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education from Duquesne University, with additional credits in psychology and education. She worked as a long and short term substitute teacher in Moon Township and a few other districts until her first child was born.  Subsequently, she became very interested in Montessori education, and eventually enrolled both of her children in a Montessori program and also volunteered to be a substitute in their school.  

Both of her children have been fortunate to attend a Montessori program through the fifth grade, so she has seen first hand the great strengths of this educational system.

Tracie has been working in a Montessori environment for over ten years.  She started her experience in a 3-6 environment as an assistant.  She also had her daughter enrolled in the school.  She then continued her training and received her Montessori Infant/Toddler Certification from CMTE/NY in 2005.  Prior to coming to our school, Tracie was key in developing and starting an Infant/Toddler Program at the Glen Montessori School.   After having her second child, Tracie decided that returning to the 3-6 environment would be best for both her and her family. 


Tracie enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and being outdoors.  She is a great addition to our school and we are happy to have her on staff.

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