Nancy Mehalic comes from a long line of teachers. After completing her teaching degree at Penn State University, Nancy married and became an at-home mom. She was first introduced to Montessori when she and her husband enrolled their son in 1982. Nancy began her Montessori career by volunteering as a parent assistant and shortly after that completed her Montessori teacher training at the Center for Montessori Teacher Training in New York. Twenty-five years later, her passion and enthusiasm is still going strong. 
  Nancy has been involved with Montessori assistant training, intern supervision and consulting, and teacher training since 1985. She has also given workshop classes at PAEYC conventions and American Montessori National Conventions to explain the Montessori Method to teachers, parents and other educators. Nancy has also traveled to Cuba with a delegation of Montessori Teachers to promote the Montessori Philosophy to the teachers in Cuba. Nancy and her husband Richard have two adult children that began their schooling in a Montessori classroom. In addition to teaching children, Nancy is also on staff at the Center for Montessori Education both in New York and Altoona. She has a B.S. in elementary education (Penn State University) and holds an AMS Early Childhood Certification from CMTE/NY.

Starting the Montessori School for Creative Learning has been a dream of hers for some time. This is a very exciting opportunity for children to experience the beauty of a Montessori environment.
Nancy Mehalic - Executive Director
Mary McNeill
Mary McNeill has been a teacher at our school since 2008.  She has been in the Montessori classroom for  25+ years.  She and her husband Mike have three children that all went through Montessori. Her daughter, Shannon, is an elementary trained Montessori teacher. 

Mary lives in Scott Township and stays very busy with her family and friends.  She likes to help at her church and participate in fun things such as jewelry making, book binding and other adventures.  Mary loves to learn and is always on the look-out for something new to try. Mary loves to share the wonders of nature with the children. Nature walks are the best with Mrs. McNeill—so much to learn from her! 

Mary has a great respect for the Montessori approach to learning.  We are very excited to have her with us. 

Tracie Stofko
Tracie Stofko has been working in a Montessori environment for ten years.  She started her experience in a year 3-6 environment as an assistant.  She also had her daughter enrolled in the school.  She then continued her training and received her Montessori Infant/Toddler Certification from CMTE/NY in 2005.  Prior to coming to our school, Tracie was key in starting an Infant/Toddler and developing the program at the Glen Montessori.   After having her second child, Tracie decided that returning to the 3-6 environment would be best for both her and her family. 

Tracie enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and being outdoors.  She is a great addition to our school and we welcome her on staff.
Eileen Ford
Eileen Ford hasa calling to work with children.  Her background is diverse, but always leads back to children.  Eileen has worked at the Children’s Institute on a behavior unit, which, in her younger years, led her to change from a Music Therapy major to focus on Elementary and Special Education.  After having her first son, she worked as a Pre-School teacher in a NAEYC accredited child care program.  For a few years, Eileen worked with a media related company in many roles, including Project Manager and Account Executive.  When not working directly in a field involved with children, Eileen was often drawn to children—as they were also drawn to her.  Eileen worked as an Administrative Assistant for Ambridge High School.  After three years in the high school, she felt “called” to finally return to teach in a local pre-school environment.  She was extremely fortunate in her timing and began the Montessori Teacher training/credential program offered here in Pittsburgh via CMTE—Center for Montessori Teacher Education.  Eileen did her internship here at our school in 2010.  After working at The Campus School at Carlow University, Eileen is super excited about returning to our school.  This is origin of her Montessori Journey and her youngest son-who is now in 4th grade, spent his 3-6 years here.